September and October Ministry Update

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September and October Ministry Update

Hello Friends and Family,

I hope that this letter finds you well. This is the latest 5 Minute Ministry Update. In this update you will find information on upcoming vision as well as some exciting news. Thanks in advance for your time!

We Got Married!

Let’s start with that exciting news. On September 16, 2016 Taylor, my wife, and I said, “I do!” We are extremely excited to embark on this adventure called life together. Taylor and I have a shared heart to reach those who have never heard the news of Jesus with His gospel; we are extremely excited for all God has in store.

What’s Up in Ministry:

In early October Taylor and I headed back up to Ft. Morgan to say hello to our refugee friends. We were excited to find that the local children who decided to follow Jesus this last summer have kept the faith and are beginning to plug in at a local church.

Academia Mauricio Saravia (AMS) is also in full swing. We have 60+ children participating on a weekly basis in the program. God has created many opportunities to share the Gospel; students are hearing the message of Jesus!

Coming Up Next:

The upcoming months have much in store:

  • Taylor and I will be joining CCU on a mission trip to the North Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming in November. We will be aiding in discipleship efforts as well as distributing warm weather clothing and food.
  • In January Charlie and I will be returning to the Hadzabe Bushmen of Tanzania to continue with discipleship and translation efforts. As part of this effort we are planning to host a week long discipleship training event. This event will be geared at training and equipping Hadzabe men and women with the Gospel so that they can launch out and preach the message of Jesus to others.
  • A return trip to Papua New Guinea is in the works for some time in early 2017.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please be praying for this refugee family. They are our close friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. They are moving to a new town, and we will not be able to see them again.
  • Please also be praying for the students of the AMS, that they continue to be open to the message of Jesus
Thanks for reading!  Your time, prayers, and all round partnership are an absolute blessing to Taylor and I!


Nathan and Taylor Burdick


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