5 Minute Ministry Update for November and December

Hello Friends and Family,

Thank you in advance for your time and energy as you check out our latest “5 Minute Ministry Update.” The last couple months have been full of God moving in some crazy ways. We have watched Him break down barriers and open hearts to His radical message of love.

North Arapahoe Trip

In November, Taylor and I traveled alongside students from CCU to the Wind River Reservation near Riverton, Wyoming. During our time there, the team worked with the North Arapahoe Tribe. The trip is multifaceted; members of the team work with students in the local elementary and middle schools, as well as organize food boxes with thousands of pounds of non-perishable food that is collected through food drives in the Denver area. The team was able to make and distribute more than 325 food boxes to families in need on the reservation. This was my fourth time being a part of this trip and I was amazed to see as God moved. Not only did we have more than enough food boxes, but I also watched as God opened opportunity after opportunity to share the gospel and the love of Jesus with students in the school. This was a new openness that I had never before seen in this area.  God moved and the seeds of the gospel were plated in the hearts of many. God is truly at work!



Ft. Morgan Gift Giveaway

On December 10th a team from Grace Covenant and I traveled to Ft. Morgan where we did a Christmas Gift Distribution. With the help of many, we took more than 175 gifts. We had more than 110 children (most of them refugees) come and choose a Christmas gift. The remaining gifts were given to an English Language Learners (ELL) program in a local school. God came through in so many ways and I believe that slowly but surely God is opening the hearts of the people. God is moving. After the distribution, Taylor and I went to the local Muslim market. While there we met up with a man named Kaleed, who had helped us spread the word in the community about the gift distribution. He told us again and again how thankful he was. He said that he had spoken to one of the local Muslim leaders, an Imam, and shared with him what we were doing. The Imam replied by saying, “These are the things we should be doing.” Significant, considering they know we are Christians.


Coming Up:

As many of you know, in January we (Nathan, Charlie, and Laura) will be heading back to the Hadzabe. During this trip we are planning to hold a discipleship training to equip, encourage, and train Hadzabe men and women with the gospel. We also plan to continue with translation efforts, including translating James, Acts and Romans. We will also be distributing 100 more audio Bibles.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the upcoming trip to the Hadzabe this January. We have an almost impossible list of necessary tasks that need to be accomplished.
  • Please pray for Mason, a young man who lives on the Wind River Reservation. Please pray that the Gospel seeds that were planted would bloom. Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw him into the family of God.
  • Please pray for Kaleed, a young refugee man who has a big heart of love. Please pray that he would meet the living Jesus face to face and be forever transformed.
  • Please pray for Taylor and I as we discern the next steps God would have us take vocationally.

End of Year Thank You Video:

As something new this year, I wanted to create an end of the year video. It is all about what God did this year through the Romans 10 Project. Its all about what God did through our partnership. Thanks again!

Thank You

Thank you for your time! your participation in the Romans 10 project is a significant blessing to Taylor and I!


Participate with us here : http://www.romans10project.com/participate-with-us-.html

Contact us here:  http://www.romans10project.com/contact-us.html



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